IAMunlimited is inspired by my passion for running, my love for children and a desire to see people find healing and to be able to live out their passion in their sport. Bill Bowerman, founder of NIKE stated: “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” I believe this is true, some of us just need a partner next to us to make us great.

IAMunlimited provides support to build stronger athletes from a young age, not just to perform in their sport, but to excel in life. Athletes should be the best that they can be, without comparing themselves to others. Sport is a tool we use to develop character within ourselves. It teaches us to find strength within and to push through when life gets hard.

I believe everyone should be given the opportunity to participate in a sport, no matter the injury, disability or disadvantage. I want every child or adult who walks through the doors of my company to have a changed mind set, a belief that they are unlimited and that they can achieve their dream in sport. I want every child on a sports field or running track to believe  fully that they are unstoppable with the gift they have been given.

I believe everyone has an original design and therefore operates in a unique way. Your training, healing and recovery will be different to others. IAMulimited does not only specialize in children’s development, but also forms part of your daily life as an adult so that you  operate at your best.

IAMunlimited aims to be part of your journey, to help and encourage you to overcome any mountain you are facing and to run this race with you.

I have a passion for people and to see them healed. It is said that passion is a strong feeling towards something. With passion, we are able to endure because of a dream that is birthed within us. This vision was set before me in a race that I ran with perseverance. With passion I will continue to run this race.

                -Marileen, Director



Director of Unlimited Growth_kinderkinetics PTY (ltd)
Owner and founder of IAMunlimited
Sports Massage Therapist and injury prevention specialist

I studied Sports science at the University of Stellenboch majoring in physiology and specialising in fitness.  I ended up doing my postgraduate in Kinderkinetics. I have always had a love for movement and participated in many different sports from dancing, hockey and athletics. Running for me is my biggest passion it has helped me to overcome many obstacles and developed a resilient character in me. I have a big love for children and I see them as tiny humans with the same functioning bodies as an adult, the way they train should just be as important to us. I believe if we can build a strong foundation from a young age on all spheres not just physically we can develop adults that will accel in life.


Registered Counsellor
BA (Hons. Psych.) Stell
B.Psych (Hons.) Cornerstone Inst. Cum Laude.

I am a registered counsellor in private practice. I work with children and adults, using a variety of techniques that I feel best suits the interests and needs of the client. I have experience in trauma, grief, anxiety, self-esteem, bullying and relationship distress. My philosophy is to partner with you on your journey towards healing and fulfillment. My aim is to help you find meaning behind life’s curveballs and inevitable struggles. My approach with children is very much wholistic. I include parents in my treatment plan and, if the need arises, teachers as well. I make use of play therapy and sand tray in my approach with children.

I am so excited to join the Iamunlimited team!