Unlimited Growth_ Kinderkinetics was the first of the IAMunlimited group to start and set the foundation for our future athletes.

“Kinderkinetics is a profession that aims to promote & optimize the neuromotor development of young children (0-12 years) through scientifically based physical activity.  All programs within this profession have a preventative, simulating, developing and rehabilitative nature. In summary, it has the following goals:

  • Promote functional growth and proper motor development of young children
  • Focus on certain movement activities to promote/facilitate sport specific skills
  • Implement appropriate rehabilitation programs for children with growth and/or developmental disabilities in order to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle”


Unlimited Growth specifically focuses on the fundamental milestone development from 3-6yrs to ensure that the child is school ready with his/her gross motor skills.

Our 6-8yrs programs are based on perceptual-motor learning to ensure that your child can accel in his/her academic and social environment.

The 3rd program overlaps with our training with a difference program which is private athletics coaching from 8yrs and up, Unlimited Growth specializes in athlete development and conditioning to build stronger, injury-proof athletes.

All Unlimited Growth kinderkinetics sessions are in a private setting with one on one interaction.

Most children will benefit from this program, especially if there were only one or two early milestones delayed or missed during the first 3 years of development.

Fundamental Movement Skills are the basic building blocks or precursor patterns of the more complex skills used in any physical activities. They may be categorised as body management (such as balance, roll, climb), locomotor (such as run, jump, hop, swim) and object control (such as catch, kick, throw, strike) skills to facilitate evaluation and lesson programming.

Movement skills are mastered through lots of opportunities to practice, ideally in a stimulating and challenging, yet supportive, environment, and by receiving quality instruction and feedback.

It is not only about movement skills to become a good sportsman, the lessons focus on developing body awareness and cognitive reasoning and ensuring optimal sensory development.

Children with the following can benefit from this session:

  • Any milestones delayed or missed
  • Hypermobile and low muscle tone
  • Coordination and balance delays or deviations
  • Poor body awareness problems
  • Delay in midline crossing integration
  • Poor sensory integration
  • proprioceptive problems

Perceptual-motor skills allow sensory information to be successfully obtained and understood with the correct reaction. Perceptual deals with obtaining information and motor refer to the outcome of movement.

Perceptual-motor activities require children to use their brain and body together to accomplish tasks

For a child to perform well in school, children must do many things that require their mind and muscles to work together. All communication skills reading, writing, speaking, and gesturing are motor-based abilities. A child must not only know the alphabet and understand how words are formed by combining letters but also translate that knowledge into action by gripping, moving, and stabilize a pencil while using perception (sight) to adjust her or his movements to create the correct pattern. For your child to learn at his or her best the body needs to work together.

Participation in perceptual-motor activities enables your child to develop greater levels of body control and encourages greater effort in all areas of the school curriculum

Who needs this:

  • Learning delays, dyspraxia
  • Hypermobile and low muscle tone
  • Coordination and balance delays or deviations
  • Poor spatial awareness and directionality
  • poor midline crossing integration
  • Poor sensory integration
  • Weak shoulder stability affecting writing
  • Proprioceptive problems

This is a sport specific program and actively playing sports but want to improve skills and strength.

Conditioning starts already at a young age and should not be overlooked.

For a child to compete at his/her optimal level and stay injury free extra care should be taken. In recent years the competition level has increased, and the children are playing at a more competitive level which places a lot of strain on their bodies at a very young age. Through this program, we help the child to not only understand his or her body better and prevent injuries but to give them the skills to deal with performance and pressure.