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Every Sport scientist believes that he/she will become someone great! We are competitive by nature; we push our bodies thinking that we can do it all. I developed a strong love for the art of movement and the grace of a runner in mid-air.  I always had a passion for running and the remarkable sensation of self-worth it yielded when no one was looking. Running made me feel like I could really breathe and overcome any obstacle, but naturally we can’t always outrun our past…

Most of my childhood years were spent feeling timid, fragile and too small to achieve anything. Suffering from Asthma, having been allergic to various foods, dust etc. and also developing scoliosis at a young age, I was not what you would call “the most cut out prospective athlete”.

“If you have a body, you are an athlete”

Bill Bowerman, founder of NIKE

My actions on the sport field were dictated by anxiety and self-doubt. I actually tried to go about things in an inconspicuous manner so that they would not notice me. I was constantly sick and always too tired to fight my way out of it. Slowly I started distancing myself from sport…

Many years later my passion for running flared up again.  Every time I went for a run I could feel the doubts and the fears of the past slowly fading away and I could breathe a little bit easier. Running became like patchwork that momentarily concealed the problems, but I quickly realised that it would not completely resolve the issues. I ended up with multiple injuries, but I kept pushing through it, because I wanted to prove that I was not timid and weak anymore.

Within a few years, I pushed my body to its limits and at the age of 25 I burned out completely. I studied the textbooks, wrote the exams, and acquired the degree, thinking that I knew all the answers. I was oblivious to a greater truth; we can gain as much knowledge to prevent our bodies from sustaining physical injuries as we like, but if we don’t restore and look after the cuts that run much deeper, we might never reach our full potential.

I stopped running so that my past could to catch up to me and I could finally face it. It came down like a wave, but it didn’t crush me, because my soul found its purpose and its worth. I started IAMunlimited two years after I collapsed; the time leading up to it was the scariest and most thrilling. It made me stop and search my heart, bringing me to my knees. I am still recovering, but I have not completely walked away from my passion. I still go for runs, but for now without the watch, the PB’s or race numbers…

I have come to realise that I don’t have to be perfect, I don’t need  all the answers, or prove that I am the best by pushing my body to prove that science works. I believe that every obstacle, illness and injury that I have had to overcome has shaped me into who I am.

”The road to athletic greatness is not marked by perfection, but by the ability to constantly overcome adversity and failure.”

– Nike