With an extensive background in anatomy and biomechanics, I developed a love for the body and techniques to assist the body in its healing process. I have firsthand experience through my own trials of constant injuries and chronic pain and years of different soft tissue therapy.

The treatments are tailored to the needs of each of my clients.Care is taken to treat the symptoms being experienced, while also helping to find a solution to the root cause of the problem. With a first session, a small exercises program can be given to work into your routine. I believe there are two sides to a story and your overworked muscles are due to others not doing their job a small change can be made to have a big difference to prevent more serious injuries.

My Technique is derived from the Swedish method with also a deeper trigger point process.The treatment targets specific areas of tension and fatigued muscles from the prolonged activity.With a thorough massage, you will find relief and an improvement from chronic tension in the deeper layers of tissue, which may be as a result of chronic stress, postural patterns, chronic injuries or musculoskeletal imbalances. Our body needs time off to restore and clear the build-up of toxins in our systems, this buildup causes pain in the affected areas and results in referral pain e.g. headaches, aching joints, numbness or tingling.